Course Description


Cisco SD-WAN Cloud (SDWAN-CLD-CT) is a 5-day hands-on course on Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Configuration, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting.

This Cisco SD-WAN Cloud (SDWAN-CLD-CT) course provides the students with the prerequisite Azure/GCP/AWS Cloud networking knowledge prerequisites to connect Cloud technologies to SD-WAN. Students will also learn to connect SD-WAN Branches to AWS, AZURE, GCP Data Centers in the Cloud. Students will also learn how to Configure, Monitor, and Troubleshoot SD-WAN Co-Locations and SD-WAN Multi-cloud. Students will also learn the Megaport and Equinix Integration in SD-WAN.

  • Public Schedule / Private / Customizable
  • Cloud Concepts for Network Engineers
  • SAAS Concepts and Configuration
  • IAAS Cloud Providers -- Azure/AWS/GCP
  • Network Configuration for Azure/AWS/GCP
  • Cloud ON-Ramp Configuration
  • Cisco  Multicloud Deployment
  • Cisco CO-Locations Server
  • Cloud Labs

Learning Objectives

  • SD-WAN Overview
  • Cloud Concepts
  • Cloud Technologies
  • SD-WAN Direct Cloud Access (DCA)
  • SD-WAN SaaS 
  • Cloud On-RAMP for IAAS (AWS)
  • Cloud On-RAMP for IAAS (AZURE)
  • Cloud Configuration for GCP
  • Cloud On-RAMP for MULTI-CLOUD
  • Cloud On-RAMP for CO-LOCATIONS​


  • Implementing and Configuring Cisco SDWAN (ICSDWAN-CT)


  1. Verify SD-WAN Environment
  2. Configure DIA and NAT for SaaS
  3. Configure SaaS Applications
  4.  Configure SaaS Gateways
  5. Monitor and Troubleshoot SaaS Deployment
  6. Configure AWS for an SD-WAN Deployment
  7. Configure Cloud OnRamp for AWS
  8. Monitor and Troubleshoot AWS Deployment
  9. Configure AZure for an SD-WAN Deployment
  10. Configure Cloud OnRamp for Azure
  11. Monitor and Troubleshoot Azure Deployment
  12. Configure GCP for an SD-WAN Deployment
  13. Configure SD-WAN cEdge for GCP
  14. Monitor and Troubleshoot GCP Deployment
  15. Configure a SD-WAN Colocations Deployment
  16. Monitor and Troubleshoot

Course Information

Length: 5 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite

Max. Capacity: 16


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