Software Defined Access Introduction (SDA-E-INTRO)

Course Description

Intent Based Networking

The SDA Elite Series - Software Defined Access Introduction (SDA-E-INTRO)

The SDA Elite Series (SDA-E) is a series of expert-led 4-hour deep-dive sessions with hands-on lab practice. We cover different topics each week, so you can choose the ones that apply to you, at a time that works for you.

This session, Software Defined Access Introduction (SDA-E-INTRO) provides a deep-dive into Software Defined Access Introduction.

  • What is Software Defined Networking?
  • What is Intent Based Networking?
  • What is a network fabric?
  • What is SD-Access?
  • What are the requirements for SD-Access?
    • Hardware
    • License
    • ISE


  • Cover SDA network management and benefits

Course Information

Length: 0.5 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual

Max. Capacity: 100


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