Cisco NSO Administration and DevOps (NSO303)

Course Description

Cisco NSO Administration and DevOps (NSO303)

The Cisco NSO Administration and DevOps (NSO303) course focuses on Cisco® NSO development, operation, and administration tasks. You will learn how to set up, configure, deploy, and maintain a Cisco Network Services Orchestrator solution, and you will learn best practices for using DevOps.

Learning Objectives

  • Install, configure, and maintain a Cisco Network Services Orchestrator solution
  • Apply DevOps best practices for Cisco NSO development, operations, and administrative tasks
  • Implement Layered Service Architecture (LSA) within a Cisco NSO solution
  • Configure Cisco NSO and access control to Cisco NSO
  • Implement Cisco NSO high availability
  • Describe and implement Layered Service Architecture
  • Use DevOps practices for Cisco NSO development and operations
  • Describe the purpose of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Implement and manage services and their associated device configurations
  • Use Cisco NSO for service monitoring and compliance reporting


Before you take this course, we recommend that you have the knowledge and skills obtainable by attending the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Foundation (NSO201) class, including:
  • Basic knowledge of the command line of UNIX-like operating systems
  • Basic knowledge of Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF)
  • Basic knowledge of Yet Another Next Generation (YANG) data modeling
  • Basic knowledge of Python software development


  1. Connecting to the Lab
  2. Learning to Use a Command-Line Text Editor
  3. Installing the Cisco NSO Software
  4. Role-Based Access and Cisco Physical Access Manager (Cisco PAM)
  5. Using Cisco NSO APIs
  6. High Availability
  7. Deploying the LSA l3vpn Service
  8. Network Connectivity Tool (NCT)
  9. Using Git
  10. Service Backup and Restore
  11. Perform a NED Upgrade
  12. Replacing a Device
  13. Creating a Compliance Report
  14. Migrating a Monolithic Service to LSA

Course Information

Length: 4 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite

Max. Capacity: 12


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Who Should Attend

System installers, System integrators, System administrators, Network administrators, Solutions designers