Coaching and Mentoring (UT-Pro-C&M)

Course Description

You are in your office looking over your performance report and it happened again. Your low performing employee failed to meet quota this month even after you spoke with them about the importance of meeting goals. This employee has a great attitude and you know they can do better. You just do not know how to motivate them to reach the goal. Money used to work, but that has worn off. You are baffled and you know being frustrated makes matters worse. What do you do?

Course Objectives

The Coaching and Mentoring focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. How well you coach is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them and strategic goal setting.

Course Outline

1 - Defining Coaching and Mentoring

  • Defining mentoring
  • Defining what coaching is and is not
  • Elements of coaching
  • Factors for success
  • Critical Coaching Skills

2 - Coaching Assessment

  • Individual coaching assessment
  • Reflection and discussion of results

3 - Interpersonal Communication

  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Open and closed questions
  • Probing techniques and process
  • Active listening

4 - Setting Goals with SPIRIT

  • Identifying Values
  • Identifying Dreams
  • Setting S.P.I.R.I.T. goals

5 - Learning Styles and Principles

  • Three learning styles
  • Adult learning principles

6 - The Coaching Model

  • Components of the coaching model
  • Coaching model characteristics
  • Giving effective feedback

7 - Bringing It All Together

  • Coaching skills reinforcement
  • Case studies


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Information

Length: 1 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual

Max. Capacity: 16


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Who Should Attend

This course is intended for individuals who want to build better coaching and mentoring skills.