Cisco SD-WAN Security (SDWAN-SEC-CT)

Course Description

Cisco SD-WAN Security (SDWAN-SEC-CT)

This Cisco SD-WAN Security (SDWAN-SEC-CT) is a 5-day hands-on course on Cisco SD-WAN Security Configuration, Security Monitoring, and Security Troubleshooting. In this course, students focus on all aspects of the Security Implementation in SD-WAN, including Encryption, Secure Controller Communications, Secure WAN Edge to WAN Edge Communication, Secure DIA, Local Policy Security, Central Policy, Security Policies including Firewall, IPS, AMP Integration, Umbrella, SIG, Cloud Firewall, and TLS Proxy.

In Cisco SD-WAN Security (SDWAN-SEC-CT), students will learn how to Configure Local policies, Central policies, and Security policies to make their organization safe and secure.

  • Prerequisite ISCDWAN-CT
  • SD-WAN Infrastructure Security Settings
  • SD-WAN WAN Edge Devices Security Settings
  • SD-WAN Controllers Security Settings
  • SD-WAN Local Policy Security Details / Central Policy Security Details
  • SD-WAN Firewall / IPS / URL Filtering / AMP / Threatgrid
  • Cloud Firewall / Secure Internet Gateway / UMBRELLA
  • Cisco SD-WAN SSL/TLS Proxy

Learning Objectives

  • Implement Infrastructure Security Settings on WAN Edge Devices and Controllers
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Local Policy Security Details
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Central Policy Security Details
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Cisco SD-WAN Firewall
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Cisco SD-WAN IPS
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Cisco SD-WAN URL Filtering
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Cisco SD-WAN AMP
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Cisco Cloud Security (UMBRELLA/SIG)
  • Gain Knowledge and Implement Cisco SD-WAN SSL/TLS Proxy


  1. Review SD-WAN Infrastructure
  2. Setting SD-WAN Security Parameters
  3. SD-WAN Local Policy Security Elements
  4. SD-WAN Central Policy Security Elements
  5. Configure SD-WAN Firewall Security Elements
  6. Configure SD-WAN IPS Security Elements
  7. Configure SD-WAN URL Filtering Security Elements
  8. Configure SD-WAN AMP/ThreatGrid Security Elements
  9. Configure SD-WAN Umbrella Security Elements
  10. Configure SD-WAN TLS Proxy Security Elements
  11. Implement Troubleshoot and Test Security Features

Course Information

Length: 5 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite

Max. Capacity: 16


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